Product Information Library

  • Applications Guides
    These guides provide basic principles that should be considered in the application of early warning fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection devices.
  • Case Studies
    Learn how System Sensor products have been used to meet code requirements, save lives, and protect property in a variety of applications and markets.
Technical Documentation
  • CAD Drawing Download Page
    Download any of our available CAD drawing files for various products.
  • Voice Evacuation Design Information
    Designing a voice evacuation system that has good intelligibility is much more difficult than simply using ordinary sounders. Presented here is helpful basic voice evacuation system design information.
  • White Papers
    Download our technical white papers library.
Product Catalogs
  • Full-Line Product Guide (PDF)
    Includes conventional detection, audible/visible notification, HVAC systems monitoring and sprinkler systems monitoring products.
Online Tools
  • EASE Evac voice evacuation design software
    Our understanding is that EASE Evac voice evacuation design software from AFMG Technologies is intended to help designers and installers save time and money on voice evacuation systems by enabling them to preplan the system to meet new intelligibility code requirements, reduce costly post-installation changes, and limit over-design.
  • PipeIQ® Software Version 1.3.9 new!
    This software is designed to work with the FAAST® Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology system for configuration, pipe design, and monitoring.
Agency Listing Information
  • Agency Listings
    Access current certification information for System Sensor Canada products.